Battery Overview :

iPad is one of the most used Tablet of this Decade. Consumers use iPads for a variety of uses which include Education, Filmography etc. Generally a iPad has a life of more than 5 years which results in sever battery performance degradation over the years. iPad Battery replacement is the solution to overcome these issues.

Your iPad can also face Battery issues like heavy drainage , auto reboot or unexpected shutdowns. You can get your iPad Battery Replaced at Instafixx. Instafixx offers Quality-Checked Genuine batteries for your precious iPads.

Battery Tips and Tricks:

Here are some tips that you can follow to improve your iPads Battery performance.

  1. Never charge your iPad for long hours or past 100%.  Whenever you charge your iPad for prolonged hours it leads to overcharging thereby decreasing the health of the battery.
  2. Always charge your battery with Genuine Apple Cables and Adapters. Third-Party cables and adapter – thought very cheap and Apple Certified – degrade the battery .
  3. Use the wattage advised by Apple for your product. Nowadays there are 5Watt /18Watt /20Watt adapter available which charge your iPad at a faster speed. It is recommended that you use the correct wattage that is supported by your product.

Pricing and Time :

Ipad Battery Replacement is a bit of complex process. It requires high precision tooling and expertise. It takes about 2 hours for us to change your iPad’s battery with utmost care and precision.

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