iPhone Batteries are a major issue with every iPhone user. After 1 year of usage, the iPhone Battery starts to give poor performance and slows your phone down because the battery becomes old. You can check the health of your battery under the Settings on your iPhone.

Understanding iPhone Battery Health:

A Battery with a battery health of less than 80% will have a major impact in battery backup. We recommend you to get it replaced at state-of-the-art Instafixx facility. Power up your iPhone with new batteries at Instafixx and get the most out of your iPhone. Let’s understand when do we need a Battery Replacement :

  • Above 90 % – No Replacement Needed
  •  80-90% – Replace your battery if you are unhappy with the performance
  • Below 80% – Replace your Battery Immediately

Tips and Tricks:

A Good Tip that will help you retain a good battery health for a long period of time : Do not put your iPhone on a whole night charge. Overcharging degrades the battery very significantly resulting in battery performance reduction.

Pricing and Time:

Get your Battery changed within 60 Minutes at Instafixx at attractive prices.

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